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My Cover for Yoga Journal

My Cover for Yoga Journal

Earlier this year I received an email from Nina, the founder of the german yoga fashion label OGNX. She was interested in collaborating and asked to schedule a phone call to discuss the details. I only had 2 more weeks in LA before heading to Europe and my days were already packed with social activities, client meetings and doctors appointments.

But when we talked, I instantly connected with Nina and liked her ideas for the upcoming shoot. She told me that Nela Koenig, a really talented Photographer from Berlin (and also great Yoga teacher!!) would be shooting the pics. And she also told me that there was a possibility that of of these pics would be used for the cover of Yoga Journal Germany. I got curious.

Nela and I met on a beautiful sunny LA morning (what else;) at the location. A stunning House with a pool and view over the hills. We had such a fun time and the whole day went by so fast. But as the last rays of sunlight were hitting my face I was exhausted. Longer holds while looking pretty in certain yoga positions ain’t easy.
I guess every yogi who’s done yoga shoots knows what I’m talking about? lol


Since I only had a few more days left in LA, we decided to meet for a quick coffee in Venice to go over the pictures. I was very excited about the result and even happier when I received and email from Nina that one of our pics made it onto the cover of Yoga Journal Germany!!!

That was definitely one of my Yoga-Life goals;))


I felt so honored to be on the cover and really pleased to find this nice little article about me inside the magazine. I think my buddy Capone was pretty happy with it too.

All photos taken by Nela Koenig Photography
Outfits by OGNX

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