About me



my name is

Nadia Dassouki.

 I love to laugh, eat, travel and create. 

After living in NYC and LA for many years, I finally decided to venture back to my roots and made Berlin my new home base.

The strength, focus and spiritual guidance is something I love sharing with my students. I’m a certified 500hrYT with 15 years of experience as a Yoga student. I have more than 20 years as a professional model and actress under my belt I and am grateful for all the ups as well as downs I have encountered along the way.
My motto: never stop learning!

You will mostly find me on my yoga mat, out in nature, at an airport or in my kitchen testing out a new all-natural DIY skincare recipe.

I am grateful for all the teachers who have helped me to elevate my own practice to another level. Especially Maria Zavala who is a seasoned YogaWorks teacher. She introduced me to the practice of Ashtanga yoga and led me through many inversion and arm balancing workshops.  

Yoga has taught me to believe in my goals, to never give up, stay humble, and to be kind to myself - But most importantly to not measure my own success by that of others.

I’m sharing my tips for a healthy mindful lifestyle and what I feel most passionate about. As well as some tricks and insights I learned by working with some of the most incredible talents within the fashion, beauty and film industry.
My desire to help others and the love for yoga have inspired me to start this blog. I hope it will motivate, excite and inspire you too!


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