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Manifesting - get what you attract with a positive mindset

Manifesting - get what you attract with a positive mindset

I truly believe in the power of thoughts and the impact they have on our quality of life. I'm not quite sure when it all started, but I began visualizing and manifesting certain goals at a very young age. I grew up in Germany in a “normal” middle class family. My parents taught us that financial security and a humble lifestyle were something we should strive for. But the thought of finishing school, finding a stable job, living a mediocre life and probably never leaving my home town seemed nothing like I had in mind for my future. At the age of 13 I knew that I wanted to live in America. I always liked to act and perform (I joined a dance performance group at 15) in front of other people and I had the feeling that the USA would be a much better place for that.

Some people think that success or the fulfillment of dreams is based on luck. Yes, I was definitely lucky to be discovered as a Model, then find an agent in NYC who was willing to be my sponsor for a working visa. The difference between people who live a mediocre life and those who strive to be above average, is that they make use of opportunities presented to them. If you want something you need to be alert. And willing to put in the work to get there.

How do I manifest?
To manifest successfully, three components are important: thinking, feeling, and doing. Changes happen by thinking differently, feeling different, and behaving differently. If we keep doing the same, nothing new can arise. Our thoughts, feelings and behavior shape our personality. So if you want to be rich, create a "rich personality" that behaves generously toward yourself and others. With compliments, support, appreciation. If you want to be successful, act as if you were already successful. Get used to what it feels like to get the appreciation you deserve.

But you have to do the work! How do you create your day? How much time to you spend to get to your goals? What are you doing and what are you neglecting?


Surround yourself with supportive and like-minded people.
I never wanted to let the fears, insecurities and limiting believes of others limit what’s possible for me. Instead, I try to seek out people who are positive and bring value to my life. Because the people you spend your time with will most likely determine your quality of life and the person you’ll become!

It’s so important to seek out people who believe in you, encourage you or could help you get where you want to go in life. In return, be that person to others. I am grateful to have friends who inspire me, give honest opinions and who I can share ideas with.

Positive Affirmations and visualization are an amazing tool to get into the right energy to attract what you want. I like to change up my “manifesting routine”, depending on the state I’m in. I either start with a guided meditation, I day dream about my goals (clear visualization practice here), or I listen to positive affirmations. Pay close attention to your emotions. Visualizations and affirmations work great when you are in your power. That's the perfect time!
Not only when you’re feeling down and in need.

There’s a reason why we practice heart openers in yoga. Apparently the neurons in our heart are built just like in our brain which means it can feel, think and decide independently. Give your manifestation more power with a positive feeling such as appreciation, gratitude or compassion.


Negative thoughts attract negative vibes - and positive thoughts…well, you know;) I’m sure none of this sounds new to you. But it’s always good to keep reminding yourself to keep a positive mindset. I do it.. and I’m the one writing this text here. Isn’t it annoying to sit across from someone who keeps complaining and nagging about how terrible life is or even worse other people? On the contrary, isn’t it motivating to be in the presence of someone who’s full of life, dreams and optimism? Be that person. We all go trough tough times at some point in our life. But never lose hope. It is the first step to attracting the right people, circumstances and so on…


All pictures taken by Sarah Desage

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