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My Travel Must Haves

My Travel Must Haves

My job as a model requires a lot of traveling and I am grateful for the opportunity to visit many different places in the world. But airplanes, early call times and different time zones are the enemy number 1 for a glowing rested looking face. Air travel always makes my skin look worn out and my body fatigued. So I make sure I'll take care of that as soon as I get on the plane. 

In this post, I'm sharing my favorite travel essentials and ways to keep my skin (and body) happy during those long flights!

PS: When you follow these steps - do it with confidence! Don't worry about what your seat neighbor may think of you...your skin will thank you and that's all that matters;)


1. Compression Stockings

This first step probably makes you think "hey, I'm still still too young for this!". But cramped cabin conditions and long flights can result in swollen feet and legs. Compression stockings stimulate circulation and help guard against deep-vein thrombosis. I can't imagine a long distance flight without them, because it makes my legs feel lighter and me feel safe.

2. Cleanse

I prefer to keep my make up very simple and light when I travel, and as soon as I'm in my seat I like to take it off completely. I prefer wipes over a cleanser, because I don't like to use the tight airplane bathrooms to wash my face. These make up remover wipes are great, because they are soft and gentle enough to use around the eyes. I also like that they are biodegradable and free of Parabens and Sulfates.

3. Face Mask

This Moisture Rich Mask smells so good and goes on really smoothly. It absorbs quickly, so you can put a thick layer on without looking ridiculous or scary -lol. It's ultra-moisturizing and visually plumps skin to smooth out wrinkles and refines skin texture. And it'll help to lock in moisture. I even put it on my hands to keep them soft and hydrated during the flight. You can use make up remover wipes, rub it off with facial tissue or ask a flight attendant for a moist towelette to take it off.

4. Eye Cream


The skin around my eyes is extremely delicate and dark circles and puffiness are something that I'm way too familiar with unfortunately. A hydrating eye cream to instantly blur imperfections is just what I need to look more rested during or after a long flight. I love this Lancome Eye Balm! It's suitable for sensitive eyes and so smooth that it makes it easy to apply concealer.

5. Lip Balm

I can not live without a lip balm, because I feel like my lips are always dry. Ouli's Ointment was developed by Make Up Artist and Mommy Sephanie G-M, who's using only natural and organic ingredients for her products. This wonder Balm is not only my companion when I travel or a moisturizer for my lips. I also use it for dry cuticles, minor cuts or flaky skin.

6. Eye Mask & Ear Plugs & Neck Pillow = Rest

The uncomfortable seats, noise and lights on a plane can make it tough to fall asleep. But a light weight Sleep Mask, soft Silicone Earplugs that block out all visual and sound stimul, and a comfortable Memory Foam Neck Pillow will help you rest and enjoy uninterrupted sleep. 

7. Hydrating Facial Spray

After all this nap time, you need to get your blood flowing and get ready for landing! Do some light stretches and treat yourself with a little facial massage by gently tapping your fingertips over your face. Then follow with a Hydrating Face Mist. Check out this Post to make your own. This is an excellent skin refresher for an instant pick-me-up.

8. Concealer

No matter how much sleep I get, the skin around my eyes is so delicate and transparent that I don't leave the house without dabbing some concealer on. This Yves Saint Laurent Concealer is also one of my favorite beauty staples. It's more of a highlighter, so I use it in different areas of my face for an instant brightening effect. I haven't worked with any top make up artist in the world that hasn't owned or used this at some point in their career. 

After completing all the above steps, your body and skin should feel alive and fresh after you step off the plane! 




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