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DIY Anti Aging Spray

DIY Anti Aging Spray

It's not a secret that too much sun can dehydrate and age your skin! And we all know how important it is to drink enough water, use SPF and moisturize. On hot days like these, I like to use facial sprays. There is nothing more refreshing than a spritz of a hydrating mist.

I've always been a big fan of natural skin care products. I love doing research on the key ingredients, so I can make my own do-it-yourself version of it. What I came up with, is a spray full of skin revitalizing goodness. It's easy to make and less expensive than most sprays you can buy (in the long run).

I always carry a bottle of my 'Beauty Spray" in my bag. It's great to use as a moisturizer before you put on make up or to freshen up in between. The smell of the scented oil is very invigorating and the ingredients have all the benefits your skin needs. Glycerin absorbs moisture from air and can smooth dull, irritated and dry skin. Apple Cider has a brightening effect which balances the pH levels and tones the skin evenly. Vitamin E oil has antioxidant properties, helps fighting off free radicals to keep the skin's youthful appearance and protects the skin against cell mutation in the sun and pollution. 

You can customize your spray by adjusting the recipe amounts. If the spray seems sticky or too greasy, you can reduce the amount of glycerin or vitamin E oil. 


1/3 cup distilled water (75 ml)
1 Tbsp organic vegetable glycerin
1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 tsp (non gmo) vitamin E oil
8-10 drops of essential oil

4 oz spray bottle (I prefer to recycle an old one)


First, fill the distilled water in the bottle. It helps to use a funnel. Add the remaining ingredients and close the bottle. Then shake until all the ingredients are mixed well. You should always shake before using the spray.

Keep your skin glowing with this hydrating mist and don't forget to share how you like it!

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